Michael Blair



He wasn’t dead drunk – he was just dead.

Just when Vancouver commercial photographer Tom McCall thought he’d got his life back on track, a complete stranger turns up dead on the roof deck of his floating home. No one seems to know who he is, he has no ID, and there’s not a mark on him. If that isn’t bad enough, a prospective new client seems to have had one Botox injection too many, his ex-wife wants to take his daughter off to Australia for a year; and someone’s leaving mutilated dolls on his front step. And, of course, he’s in lust again. No wonder he’s feeling a little overexposed.

Overexposed is a sequel to If Looks Could Kill. The series, if two books can be called a series, has acquired a subtitle, A Granville Island Mystery, because – you guessed it – the story is set on Vancouver’s Granville Island. If you’ve never been there, it’s the best money the federal gov’t ever spent. Needless to say, my version differs somewhat from reality.

Writing Overexposed was a lot of fun. Like visiting old friends. Unlike old friends, however, the characters in a book don’t get upset with you for getting them into trouble. Well, not too upset.

Here's what the critics had to say…

“Terrific characters who really click in this slick, smart book.” — Margaret Cannon, Globe & Mail

“A funny and solid entertainer, crisply written and eagerly read.” — Murder Out There

“Twisted and complex....five out of five!” — Telegraph-Journal

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Overexposed: A Granville Island Mystery
The Dundurn Group
ISBN: 1-55002-582-1
$11.99 CAN/US

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